Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's Almost Time...

4 Days To Go

Holy Smokes! I can't believe the big day is less than half a week away. While I feel like I have spent more time preparing for this big day than my wedding, like most "planned" events in my life, it's definitely turned out to be an unexpected adventure. Getting knocked up and running the half at fifteen weeks pregnant was not a part of the plan. However, what a blessing! So with the first trimester funk interfering with those last few weeks of my training plan, my doctor said she felt most comfortable if I walked the half. However, she supported me trying to at least run some and listening to my body, promising to drink water at every station along the way, and stopping if I felt dizzy or nauseous. She also asked that I at least get 10 miles under my belt before the big day. And yesterday (drum roll, please), I knocked out my 10 miles! Thanks to a good (make that great) friend who volunteered to make the trek with me. We ran/walked the distance and my confidence jumped up about 5,000 notches now that I can erase that mental picture of me being carried off the running route on a stretcher clutching an oxygen mask (knock on wood).

This past weekend was also my little monkey's first birthday party (more pictures and a detailed post coming on the new blog) and it left me reflecting on my original motivation to start this challenge. It was to show him an account of strength and perseverance in his honor and to prove to myself just how important these traits are, as a mother and as a woman. Now, it looks like I will have two blessings to share this story with. If that's not motivation to drag myself through those 13.1 miles, I just don't know what is.

And on a final note, I still have a lingering goal to run a half-marathon as a non-pregnant runner in 2011. So, here's my question to all you fellow half vets...what's your favorite half-marathon and why? I am ready to put my new goal on the calendar right after this Sunday and begin planning the next adventure...after birthing Baby 2, that is (smile).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bondi Band Winner!

17 Days To Go

Thank you for all entering the Bondi Band giveaway! I can see that many of you are already Bondi Band fanatics like me. If you haven't tried a Bondi Band yet, take my word, you will have no regrets. I even sleep in mine at times (true story).

I am happy to say congratulations to Jennifer York (comment #45) who is the lucky winner according to random.org. Jennifer, I've sent you an email and look forward to hooking you up with two Bondi Band headbands of your choice!

BIG thanks to Bondi Band for allowing me to host this fantastic giveaway!

As for me, I had a reality check visit with the doctor this week, and while I am still completing the Women's Half in seventeen days {gulp}, I have had to come to the realization that my first trimester uber sickness has put a big damper in my training. More on this to come and I will be looking for some advice from my fellow half vets. For now, I just completed a mountain of grading and am hitting the hay. A run is on my schedule for tomorrow morning and I am thanking the rain gods for the cooler temps forecasted for my early trot. More coming shortly!