Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Good and The Bad

181 Days To Go

The last seven days have consisted of some great and some not-so-great progress to report.

Let's start with the not-so-good. This past Friday marked the official six-month countdown until the half-marathon. After another week of unexpected circumstances including an impromptu trip with Hubs and the little monkey to New Orleans (long story), I clocked only 16 total miles this week. It's time to spring (or sprint) into serious action...and fast!

On the flip side, I have had four more fabulous friends join me in committing to run the half-marathon in November. That makes six of us total! And there are still a couple more out there contemplating taking the plunge. To think this just started as me wanting to prove I could achieve this personal bucket-list goal is becoming an even more inspiring journey of friends joining together to empower each other to achieve a common goal together!! I love it.

On another note, I have had a few questions asked about the training plan I am using for this run (Notice I said run, not race. Let me make it clear, if I run the whole thing, I win.) so I thought I'd share my training goals for each week...and then compare them to what I actually run. Here we go with that accountability thing again.

I have researched many training plans and found one that I feel is personally appropriate for my level, schedule, and goals. It is an eight-week plan that I am basically extending to 24-weeks by repeating each week 3x which gives my body that much more time to become conditioned to the longer distance progressions each week.

Beginning Monday, May 31 this is what my week will consist of:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 2 mile-run, 1-mile walk, 2-mile run
Wednesday: Cross-train
Thursday: 1-mile run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 2 mile-run, 1-mile walk, 2 mile-run
Sunday: 2 miles

Completely doable, right? I think so. I'll keep you posted.


VisorDancer said...

I am running the half marathon in November as well. I am by no means a runner, but did my first half marathon in March 2009. I used the Hal higdon training program. You have to at least be able to start out at 3 miles, but right now I am finishing up his 5K training program then moving to the half marathon trainer in a couple of weeks. Hope this helps.

melissa said...

My goal is to run the whole half as well. I dont really care about my time. Im doing the hal higdon plan and I really like it so far. I started with the c25k program in march, finished that and now moved onto this..Most of them are pretty much the same though. I did one of the short runs last night (3 miles) and did it faster (a lot faster!) than I have before..I averaged a 9 minute mile, so 27 minutes. Normally I am at about a 10:20 pace so I was pretty excited. Its crazy to think what our bodies are capable of if you work at it.

Roberta said...

I just saw your blog advertised in an email for registered participants of the St. Pete half and wanted to stop on over and say hi. Good luck, I'll be checking in with you!

Kimmie said...

you blog is getting FAMOUS girlfriend!!! alot more followers. very exciting!

Andrea Leigh said...

VisorDancer, it's great to meet another St. Pete runner. Congrats on the March run. That's very inspirational to hear. I looked at the Hal Higdon program and have heard of a couple of people using it. Sounds like it works! Please stay in touch and I'll see you in November!!!

Melissa, congrats on the progress! You are doing awesome. I was just telling some friends that I was happy with a 10 min. mile and anything under is outstanding (in my book, at least). Your right, it is so empowering to realize our bodies can do so much more than we give them credit for.

Roberta, it is so good to hear from you. Please do stay in touch. I love hearing the input from everyone, professional runners and rookies alike. : )

Andrea Leigh said...

Kimmie, isn't it great to read the support and advice from other runners? As my fellow partner-in-training I know we both appreciate the input. Love you!

Amy said...

Hi! I haven't announced it yet on my blog (waiting to do my half marathon here in Brussels on Sunday first) but I am also signed up for the women's half in St. Pete! Will be fun to follow you as we will be training for the same race!

Andrea Leigh said...

Hi Amy! Wow, are you coming all the way from Germany to run St. Pete? That's amazing. Keep me posted, would love to follow your blog as well. : )

Michelle said...

You will be my motivation at a 10 min mile!! I am new to this - tried to get into for so many years - as you have noted, it seems a bit easier as I committ myself to a race date and friends for charity. The Nike site is great and I have noticed I am more excited to sync my ipod and see my run! I only started this week and have had to do the walk/run routine. I am at around 14min, but I have time to improve the time. I am just glad I am being consistent. For me - one week is consistent! I have a 12 year old little girl and sell pharmaceuticals part-time. So I have a perfect scenario to train for this... :) I look forward to some healthy competition as I attempt to aim for a 10 min mile or less!

I think I found you on the cool runnings website in the forum section. Glad I did.