Monday, May 31, 2010

Quick Wrap-up

173 Days To Go
I just realized it has been over a week since my last blog post so although I am dog-tired and ready to face plant myself in the bed after a long holiday weekend, I wanted to post a quick summation of my last week's running efforts.
Last week I tried to mix up my running a little by enjoying one run minus the stroller and my running buddy (my time improved, but I missed my adorable constant), ran on a track one day (can we say snoooooze), and made a trip to the gym to run with a friend on the treadmill and take advantage of the gym's child care (for the first time I might add and didn't take my eyes off that daycare door while I was running).
I started my training plan today! Although, I admit, today was a rest day - hey, that's what the
schedule said.
Lesson of the Week: Don't run behind airplanes - even if they appear to be parked. You heard me right. One of my routes takes me right past a small private airport and just as I was running by, a small plane was preparing for departure and blew me and the stroller off the sidewalk...literally. Thank goodness I had a good grasp of the stroller and it didn't tip! While a funny picture to imagine, it was a frightening experience. So there you have it, if you gain nothing else from reading my measly blog, take this lesson with you - again I repeat, never run behind airplanes.
Highlight of the Week: We assisted a small turtle attempting to cross the street and saw a family of rabbits on one of our early morning runs. I felt very Snow White-ish the entire day.
Power Song of the Week: Where Are We Runnin'? by Lenny Kravitz. This song kept me going even when my adrenaline failed me.
Wish me luck on following the training plan this week! Day one was successful thus far (smile).
Until next time (which will be sooner rather than later).


Amy said...

Of course you are welcome to follow my blog - I just put my race report up of the Brussels half marathon at ! Looks like you had some good runs last week (except for getting blown away by the airplane)!

Andrea Leigh said...

Thanks, Amy! I will definitely check it out.