Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deep Breaths

123 Days To Go
What a whirlwind week! Hubby home for a visit..check. Little monkey comes down with a virus...check. Mommy gets virus..check. Turned laptop (aka Athena, goddess of knowledge) over to the Geek Squad..check. iPod craps out..check.
Ahhh, well with that checklist complete I am happy to announce that this week is off to a refreshing start. Little man and I are recovering from the funk and I jumped back into my training plan today. With the hubs in town and my 'Honey-please' list overflowing, we rearranged some furniture and I dusted off the treadmill that I ordered the day before I found out I was pregnant...yep, the day before. It won't be my main source of training but on the run/walk training days that seem to take FORever, I think I will utilize it during nap time (monkey's nap, not mine) in order to spare him from enduring the blazing heat for long periods. I tried it out today and was pretty pleased with my pre-pregnancy splurge that has been willfully serving as a breeding ground for all the winter clothes I never got around to storing and baby gear that has been retired. With the (temporary) demise of my iPod last week (on the few days I was able to run before succumbing to the yuck) I actually endured a couple of runs minus my tunes and my Nike+ "score keeper," as I fondly think of it. I tried to think of myself as a naturalist, but still remain convinced that listening to myself pant sends my brain into a mild panic in which it sends out signals to my body to stop, walk, and breathe before I swan dive into the sidewalk. No can do. Thank goodness for the sudden resurrection of my little buddy. Now, I only pray the same fate for my sweet Athena. Without my laptop I am lost at sea. This ancient (in computer terms), circa 2005, slower than molasses desktop is no good for an online educator, blogger, mommy whose obsessed with diapers.com, and runner who needs to update my 'Workin on my fitness' playlist daily. Is there a pill for these withdrawals?
On the half-marathon front, St. Pete unveiled their latest design for the medal/charm that will be waiting at the finish line for each runner that completes the race. They actually went back to the drawing board and designed it again after numerous complaints that the original version was boring. Check it out fellow runners (and thanks for sharing, Letty!).


Beth said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about your ipod and computer! There was once a time when I didn't think I could run without my ipod but after a couple of runs I realized it was not so bad. My nike+ sportband is another story...I have to have that!! I did use my ipod today though and found that I enjoyed it. I just don't want to get too dependent on it since there are some races that don't allow them.
Glad to see you are on the mend and back to running!

Andrea Leigh said...

Haha! Thanks, Beth. I know I have read that some races don't allow iPods and it frightens me to even think about attempting one without it. Maybe as I progress this will change. The music just seems to help me keep a steady pace and hearing myself breathe seems to really throw me off. Crazy, I know! Since I run with my son I have contemplated the safety aspect of running with music and am thinking it might be a good idea to learn to run without it. I'll make that a goal to add to my list. : )

Anonymous said...

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