Monday, July 12, 2010

Say Hello To My Little Friends

131 Days To Go I am. Yes, five days later instead of three. That's neither here nor there though, right? Here's what's been happening over the last several days.

I have been utilizing my running shoes from pre-pregnancy days, and realized I am likely well over the 300-mile mark in them, if not approaching 400. With that in mind, a few days ago a friend and I visited a running speciality store. This was a new experience for both of us. Yes, we've been to the mass shoe stores and the all-to-common sports stores you find tucked in a strip mall where the entire staff is dressed in referee shirts - but this was a legit running- concentrated speciality store. I knew this was a well-needed visit when I felt confident that the gentleman working there potentially took more pride in identifying my stride than naming his first born child. Turns out, I have a high arch with a neutral stride. In other words, even though I have been told I walk like a penguin, my feet are complemented best by a fairly common running shoe style. And thus, welcome my new family members, fondly known as my "vooms."

Seriously, these little suckers are like walking in marshmallows. I tested them out this morning and felt an extra spring in my step (I'll be honest, any new coveted apparel item tends to have this effect on me when donned for the first time). However, I do think we are a match made in novice 200-day half-marathon training heaven. I'll let you know how our relationship progresses.

On another positive note, I stepped on the scale today and in the last month can proudly say I have lost a total of 11 pounds! Loving the Joy Bauer diet and despite a human slip-up here and there, overall, I'm enjoying following the diet closely. I was discussing my achievement with another friend today and I have to say I believe the two main factors I credit to my pound shedding success are the elimination of white flour and the addition of a bowl of homemade vegetable stew ("Skinny Stew" as the diet calls it) with every dinner meal. It leaves me feeling full and forgoes the urge for that usual before bed nap-snack.

Staying aboard the positive train, the little monkey and I are also anxiously awaiting a visit from Daddy very shortly. I can't believe it has been since May since he's been home! I have a new appreciation for military wives. You rock!

Good things on the horizon! Moving steadfastly ahead (in my snazzy new kicks, of course).

"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief comes a deep conviction, things begin to happen."

-Muhammad Ali


Amy said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! Combine that with cushy shoes and you will be a lot speedier!

Andrea Leigh said...

Thanks, Amy!! I know, I guess I should be trying to improve my pace now, huh? HA!