Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Talk Like A Runner

95 Days To Go
Ninety-five days to go (I am saying this aloud right now), ninety-five days to go. Unreal. This challenge is almost half over and I am in shock that the end (or rather, the start line) is in sight. However, I feel more dedicated now that I have ever been. As always, I work best under pressure and progress most when my back is against the wall. I just keep moving!

I am still following good old Hal's plan. I am officially in week two (did week one and two 2x before moving on to week three). Week Three, which starts next week, is an actual progression since week one and two were duplicates.

On another note, I have been intrigued (and a skosh confused) by the runner chatter I have been exposed to lately. I realized that I need to educate myself a bit on some running terms in an effort to build my runner perception and talk like a runner.

For you seasoned vets, correct me if I am mistaken and feel free to clarify. For my fellow wannabes out there who want to chime in on the running conversations and sound like we are worthy of sporting our Garmin, running skirts, and other sprint-worthy swag, here's what I researched and found.

What I thought this was: A run in which you found that perfect running song to keep you be-bopping and trotting at a 10-minute mile or less pace.
What it actually is: According to Merriam-Webster, this is a run where you run at a steady pace at 70-80% of your max. aerobic capacity. Tempo runs are just past the point where you begin to build up waste product in your legs at a rapid rate during your runs, which is referred to as the lactate-threshold velocity.
My afterthought: Huh? Well, I was close...I think.

What I thought this was: An opportunity to take a break. Walk a bit, catch your breath, and return to running.
What it actually is: According to best-running-tips.com, interval pace is faster than your lactate-threshold pace. It is a pace which will leave you out of breath. Not quite an all-out attempt, but close.
My afterthought: Sounds dreadful....and like me when I reach the end of my long run every Sunday morning.

What I thought this was: A really cool pair of running shoes
What it actually is: according to best-running-tips.com, this is the way you run. Do you run like a gazelle or an elephant? One is more efficient than the other. It refers to footsteps per minute. (There is an entire math equation that goes along with this ,but it's late folks and I just want an idea of what this jibber-jabber means. I'll learn specifics when I start using these terms in a sentence.)
My afterthought: Hmmmm.....I think I may run like an elephant?

Okay, that's it for tonight. Tune in for more 'Talk Like A Runner 101' soon. And chime in if you have some ideas (or some other translation of this greek-speak).

Highlight of Last Week: Hubs is home! Hubs is home! My family is together again.
Lesson of Last Week: School is back in session and taking my usual running route by the elementary school is now more like a game of duck-and-weave between crossing guards, mini-vans, and adorable pint-sized people balancing themselves with their oversized backpacks. Time to explore some new routes.
Power Song of Last Week: I am back to rocking my tried and true Lenny Kravitz Where Are We Runnin? It's too perfectly appropriate.


Amy said...

Ha ha! I know what you mean with all that running terminology. My sister got me a subscription to Runners World which helped a lot! glad your husband is back - mine is off to Vienna tomorrow - but just for three days.

Andrea Leigh said...

Yeah, I have a subscription to Runners World too and it has helped me a bit (and possibly confused me a bit more). I think when I finish this half-marathon I will feel more inclined to learn and implement all the lingo...until then, I just want to run! Ha!!

Hope your husband has a safe trip!

mizuno wave said...

This is a good marathon post, more tips and running inspiration. Love it.

Andrea Leigh said...

Thanks, Mizuno W! I checked out your store. Great stuff! And I love the pay it forward philosophy. I'll be checking in often for new gear.