Friday, September 3, 2010

Tired...and Happy!

78 Days To Go
Well, the week's not over just yet but I needed to make a confession - it has been a bit of a tough one. I totally now understand why avid runners are in bed by 8pm and have their own little social circles of other runners to mingle with over coffee rather than going out and painting the town red every weekend. My indulgent weekend (which was still worth it, by the way. I'm not taking that back) has left me a little sluggish this week. In fact today, when I was finishing up my run I stopped to cross the street, hardly a block away from my house, and when I pressed the crosswalk button things became a bit fuzzy and I noticed my head spinning a touch. Yikes! A scary dizzy spell when you have your tiny tot in the stroller in front of you getting ready to cross a fairly busy intersection is not a pleasant experience. I did manage to call the Hubs and tell him to come out of the house quick (a little overly concerned, but hey, I was picturing myself face planted on the sidewalk and someone coming and stealing my adorable little child and leaving me for roadkill. And yes, I tend to be a tad paranoid. It's my nature.) A few steps later and a couple of swigs of water down, I was fine. But I was also reminded I need to drink more water. Lots and lots of water.

On a much happier note (and ironic based on my above rant), I was awarded a blog award by fellow blogger Amy, over at Fit and Fabulous After 40. It is the Happy 101 Award and it calls for me to list ten things that make me happy - so here I go.

1. My little Monkey's laugh (most often achieved by a tickle to the belly or a fake sneezing session).

2. Sitting at the table for dinner - all three of us. My picture perfect.

3. When I make my Hubs laugh (with me, not at me).

4. When Monkey lays his head on my chest, thumb in mouth, and remains idle for a small period of time (this is when the world stops, no matter what).

5. Looking at the Gulf of Mexico and knowing how fortunate I am to call this home.

6. Coffee (in an oversized cup so that when I refill I can count it as only two, rather than four cups)

7. Fiji water (overpriced, yes. Overrated, definitely not)

8. Close friends that know you in and out - ugly and pretty, good and bad - the whole story.

9. A weekend marathon of trashy reality TV (preferably a Housewives series).

10. Moving through my day and remembering my run from earlier that morning (it is over and I achieved my daily goal).

Now to pay it forward, I am going to nominate Jen, over at One Step at a Time. She maintains a positive attitude and humorous outlook throughout a challenging journey.

I liked this little exercise. It just made me give thanks for all of my blessings. Now, you try. What are at least five things that make you happy?


Amy said...

Love your list! It's the simple things that really count in life. Hope you don't get any more of those dizzy spells - that sounded scary!

Goose said...

I'm feeling you on feeling overwhelmed sometimes. I think managing my time and knowing my own limitations is harder than the actual training. Good luck and I hope you have a fabulous upcoming week of training!

middleagedrunner said...

Just found your blog and love it! Will be following. :-)
Good luck with your training for the half! (so exciting!)

Andrea Leigh said...

@Amy - so true, the simple things always seem to provide the most memories, comfort, and meaning.

@Goose - I know! Really, running is only a fraction of my day but yet sometimes I seem to feel overwhelmed in finding time to squeeze it in between other life obligations. Thanks for the well wishes!

@middleagerunner - so glad your here! I'll take all the support I can get. And I want to give it back too!!

jennifer said...

Thank you so much for thinking of and nominating me!! That made my day! I hope your training is going well.

Brittanyxazy said...

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