Monday, September 20, 2010

The Two Month Countdown

61 Days To Go

Tomorrow marks the official two month mark for the big day. My excitement continues to grow as I knock out my long runs each week. As I wrapped up Sunday's run I really wanted to do it all over again just to prove I could handle the increased distance. However, the overly rational side of me took over and I realized I must stick to the program and gradually increase. One thing I haven't shared is my huge fear of injury between now and November. Much like my fear of passing out while crossing the street and someone stealing my cutie pie, leaveing me for a speed bump - I also have a small paranoia related to injury. So I stretch, stretch, stretch like a little Olympic gymnast doing her floor routine (pretend with me) and I follow my training program like I follow a recipe when baking. I measure twice, follow each step closely, and curse throughout the process. Much like baking, in the end I have a HUGE mess to clean up (seriously, I'm talking batter on the ceiling light fixture), but I also have great satisfaction in my accomplishment. My house is living proof of this. When I noticed that my sweet baby boy's jammies looked like this after spending a half hour or so playing on the floor before bedtime, I knew it was time to break out the Shark steam mop and quit complaining about being tired. Bad mom!
My run with the hydration belt was a success, but not without a few adjustments which can be expected when adapting to a new piece of gear. First of all, if you have never ran with one of these, be prepared for a tight fit. If you don't cinch it very snugly around your waist, it will bounce. After a little playing with it throughout the first mile though I was able to stabilize it and find a comfortable fit. It was fairly easy to retrieve while running, but being the most uncoordinated person in the world that I am, I always have to stop and walk briskly while I down a few swigs of water. Otherwise, my chin and chest area simply get a refreshing drench and I remain thirsty and discombobulated trying to continue running (and I thought motherhood had allowed me to perfect the art of multi-tasking). One other adjustment for me, which is simply another mind quirk, is that between songs on my Ipod I could hear the water swish while I pounded the pavement and it completely took me out of my zone (like nails on a chalkboard, just one of those things). No big deal though. A little humming to myself while Fergie stepped in for Madonnna and I was just fine. Overall, it was a definite worthwhile investment. And if you are coordinated and non-quirky (aka: normal), then I think it would be a winner for anyone running over 5+ miles. It also has a convenient pouch area where I was able to stash my cell phone and a handful of energy beans. I am thrilled with my purchase and if you are in the market for hydration gear - check out Amphipod. They have a great variety of functional choices and I have my eye on a new Ipod arm band from them next.

Highlight of Last Week: I just ate an insanely good chicken burrito with an avocado ranch sauce from a local hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. While I am posting this on Monday, it totally cancels out the calories I burned during at least one of last week's run - so I am counting it as last week's highlight.

Lesson of Last Week: No matter how much you practice, coordination is not a learned trait. And even though I love to dance, I will never be good at it.

Power Song of last Week: For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert. Never did I ever think I would be posting an Adam Lambert song as my power song but the beginning of this song just pumps me up. "So hot, out the box, can we pick up the pace? Turn it up, heat it up, I need to be entertained. Push the limit, are you with it, baby don't be afraid. I'm gonna hurt you real good..." Okay, where are my running shoes?


Ann Marie C said...

Andrea - I just discovered your blog - you go!! I recently completed a similar journey (sprint triathlon done 2 weeks ago as a means to lose 60lbs gained in pregnancy plus "pain" of a 40th bday! - journey began in January). I wish I would have blogged my experience - I soooo enjoyed the journey! So write for all the masses you are inspiring - and helping to laugh as we continue our quests!! It's nice to know that others face similar demons and are winning their battles as well!

Ann Marie C said...

Oh - and please send me some of your mojo! I needed a new goal post tri, and (like an idiot) I registered for a half marathon for Nov 7th. I will likely need to run/walk in order to finish without dying, but I figured shoot high even though my training timeframe is a bit condensed. I am excited to follow your progress - you are inspiring me from afar!

Andrea Leigh said...

Ann Marie! I am so glad you are here. HUGE congratulations on completing your first tri. I am WAY inspired my you! This blog started as a simple means of documenting this journey, but it's people like you that keep fuleling my fire to get out there and keep running. It's changed so much in me - so much more than I can express in words...but I'm going to try! Keep me posted on your training for the 11/7 half!