Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another New Start

163 Days To Go

Okay, by the looks of the title of this post you are probably thinking, "Here she goes again with another failed week." Well, surprisingly this is not the case. It's been a great week thus far (if I do say so myself) - here's a summary of my progress:

Monday: 4.35 miles
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: Gym Day w/45 minutes on the Elliptical
Thursday: 3.36 miles

As you can tell, I am still working with shorter distances, following the training plan for the most part, foregoing rest days in an effort to feel less guilty about last week's indulgent binge.

Now, in regards to my new start. It's time follow a structured diet plan in order to achieve one of my goals that I expressed in my initial declaration to go on this journey. Mama needs to get out of the maternity bathing suit!

Here's how this part of the plan came to fruition. I am a huge Today Show junkie. Along with coffee and a seedy reality show, a dose a day is a necessity for me. Joy Bauer, the nutrition and health expert on the show, has been a longtime favorite of mine. I mean really, have you seen these folks who hold up their old pants and can literally fit their whole bodies in one pant leg now? Amazing. Recently, I sent her a diet question and she ended up responding, reading my blog, and offering some very kind words about my posts. She offered to send me her book, Your Inner Skinny. Not only am I grateful for her gesture, I am inspired by the book and ready to integrate her advice into my plan....starting tomorrow. I loaded up at the grocery store today (and FYI there is a pumpkin puree shortage for those of you who may not know. Who knew? Sure hope that's fixed by Thanksgiving) and am excited to enhance this experience by adding the diet element into my efforts.

I'll keep you posted on the progress. Here's to finishing off the week strong!


Amy said...

Good job on the workouts this week! I don't get the Today show over here, so I am curious - what is the diet program like?

Andrea Leigh said...

Thanks, Amy!! The diet is really just focused on eliminating sweets and white bread (at least in the first week). It's really healthy eating as most know it, but I find having meals laid out for me makes a big difference in my tendancies to cheat. I posted a sample day's menu so you can see a better idea of what I am incorporating.