Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rolling With It

144 Days To Go

There has been a lot going on since my last blog post, but I think the most impactful occurrence has been my reminder on the importantance in the ability to adapt.

One thing I have not yet written much about is the fact that I have been playing single mom for the last month. Those that know me are aware, but those who read this blog who don't personally know me (and I so appreciate you!) don't know that Hubs is a boat captain who had to head down south to the Bahamas to run from this horrific oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is turning so many lives upside down. I have to admit, I was a complete babbling mess when he first left. Let's face it, I was only 6 months into being a mom and the whole process was still new to me. How will I juggle work, the house, the bills, and most importantly being a good mommy? And, oh yeah, running...how do I get that in too? And the answer is (and I know most moms know this already), you just do. As a matter of fact, keeping busy has helped me keep my sanity and not dwell on the fact that my new family is indefinitely split for the time being.

On a much more positive note, the monkey and I just returned from having a chance to play international travelers and go visit Hubs in the Bahamas and it was quite a treat. I was worried about running, while I was there, but managed to get a couple of pretty good runs in. Despite the challenging hills, take a look at this view and tell me how you can't be thankful for the ability to run, breathe, smell, and feel this atmosphere? I was worried about the diet, but y'know, I didn't do so bad after all (no weight gained, none lost). Who visits the Bahamas and doesn't indulge in a conch fritter or two anyway? Okay, give or take four or five. The trip had significant meaning as the Bahamas is where Hubs spent every summer working while we were in college. I visited him there each year and it was there where we decided we would one day marry in the islands. 5 1/2 years ago we did just that. We spent our honeymoon on the very island we visited last week, and to now bring our son there was just another reason it is such a special place for us.

Bottom line, my point is that with adaptation, comes strength. And with strength comes blessings, if you are open to seeing them. I have known this my entire, non-traditional, somewhat crazy life. Sometimes I just need a reminder of the importance of this trait. Just like when I initially planned to run a half-marathon a couple of years ago and then many moons of prayers were answered and now my little 7 1/2 month interruption is my proudest accomplishment. Adaptation brings reward. When monkey wakes up later than normal, I utilize the gym treadmill. And when it rains, like today, we run in the rain (okay, light drizzle - but doesn't it sound empowering?). With this journey to train for this half-marathon, I am also reminded of the life lesson I want to teach my son. Life doesn't always go exactly how we plan. However, it's how we react and adapt that makes the outcome a setback or an opportunity. I choose the latter.


melissa said...

I just wanted to say good job on finding time to run while juggling everything else. Its gotten so hot here than I talked my inlaws into watching my son some days and then just wait until my husband is home and run just before dark that way he doesnt have to be subjected to the heat (and the longer and longer times in the stroller)

Andrea Leigh said...

Thanks, Melissa! That means a lot. Yes, this Florida heat certainly poses some challenges when we have to run with the little ones in tow. I'm learning to work around it as best I can, but my new challenge has been to not allow it to be an excuse NOT to run. How is your training going??

melissa said...

Ever since I have people to watch my son I can't use the heat as an excuse (allthough there are days I want to) My training is going pretty well so far. Im up to 5 miles for my long run and feel pretty good during it. My pace is super slow but Im not too worried about time right now, just the distance. Im actually doing a 5k this weekend in inverness so we'll see how that goes.