Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Progress Report

158 Days To Go

Yikes! It has been almost a full week since I checked back in and updated the rest of last week's progress. This is because I have been too busy running and eating well (heehee...I am patting myself on the back right now). And yes, I have also been a bit busy having to unexpectedly play single parent and squeeze in as much beach time with the little man as we can (grrrr....oil). Anyhow, more on those topics later.

I finished out last week with an elliptical workout at the gym on Thursday and clocked in six miles on Friday with a treadmill buddy at the gym (don't let me mislead you, I ran about half of that six). I did take a rest day on Sunday. Hey, even the big man above rested on the seventh day, right?

This week the little monkey and I have endured the steamy early morning heat both yesterday and today and clocked in over 5 miles each day. (This includes a warm-up walk and a cool down.)

On the diet front, I have lost FIVE pounds!! I must say this diet is much easier than I anticipated to follow. Let me clarify -not easy, but easier than expected. In reference to what kind of food I am eating, here is a sample day's menu.

Breakfast: Whole Wheat Toast with peanut butter (natural) and half of a banana

Lunch: Turkey Sandwich on whole wheat w/mustard, spinach, tomato and avocado only. & unlimited carrot sticks

Afternoon snack: Celery sticks with low-fat cream cheese

Dinner: Homemade Vegetable Soup & Turkey Burger with sauteed onions and mushrooms, topped with lettuce and tomato - skip the bun!

As you can see, it's nothing extreme. No giving up carbs or skipping meals. Realistically, it's how I have always known how to eat...and used to. It is just a matter of training myself how to eat again since my pregnancy-induced brainwashing that resulted in Boston Cream Pie for breakfast being normal. Having a menu to follow has been the perfect way to curtail my indulgent splurges.

Highlight of Last Week: I have now rolled over the 100-mile mark since beginning this journey just over a month ago!! To track your miles, visit Dailymile.com. It automatically clocks my mileage from my Nike+ shoe device and adds it to my blog ticker. It's also like a Facebook for runners and I have been introduced to some very inspiring folks from posting my runs there.

Lesson of Last Week: I can drink coffee without sweetener. What a milestone! (Hint: sprinkle a little cinnamon in your coffee grounds before brewing.)

Power Song of Last Week: Soundsystem, Michael Franti

Okay, one last thing. So I found a pic of myself when I was five weeks pregnant (y'know, many pounds ago) sporting my 'belly' for a pic for the Hubs. Recently, the Hubs took another picture of me getting ready to run in almost the exact same outfit. Whoa, mama!! What a wake-up call. I'm debating on posting the pics as another measure of accountability. Still mustering the courage, but stay tuned!

My Running Buddy:

A sippy cup, cold teething ring, a fan, and some zzzzz's. Sometimes I contemplate trying to fit into that stroller seat myself.

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